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More revenue, less effort.

Leadcamp helps sellers to efficiently and effectively engage prospects and close more deals. We empower sales teams to automate, analyze, and prioritize sales actions based on their prospects' buying intent.

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How we convert pipeline into revenue.

Leadcamp works at the core of your revenue team and captures all prospect interactions, which are then used to fuel the engine and guide your entire team. Using intent signals and automations we bring back the focus on what really matters: closing deals.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Avatar Neil B

"If you want to be able to track and have insights as well prompt on which hot prospects to follow up on; Leadcamp fits the bill perfectly."

Neil B.
London - Professional training & coaching - 1-10 employees

Avatar Kwan H

"Leadcamp is a great tracking and predictive analytics software with simple yet sophisticated workflow automation capabilities."

Kwan H.
Tangerang - Marketing & Advertising - 11-50 employees


"Leadcamp is ridiculously easy to deploy (it took about 20 mins!) and just as easy to use. Love the dashboard where our teams can track their prospects easily."

Al G.
London - Information Technology - 201-500 employees

It's easy. More time, more deals.

Get back 60% of your time you're now spending on admin and busywork.

Our customers achieve incredible results.

"Leadcamp is pretty powerful. I have not even scratched the surface but already, I find it immensely valuable." Read more