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Product Analyst Hybrid, full time

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Leadcamp is changing the way people sell through its leading intent-led sales platform.

Capturing prospect engagement and intelligence allows sellers to easily and effectively gain data-driven insights to make sure they are always speaking to the right prospects.

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The Position

We are on a mission to change the lives of one million salespeople (and more) around the world. You'll have a direct impact on their daily performance and help us shape what the future of sales looks like.

As a Product Analyst for Leadcamp, you will gather critical product insights by analyzing Leadcamp's users and platform usage. In the process, you will develop a deep understanding of the sales landscape and our leading sales application, strengthen your analytical skills, and have an impactful position in a growing startup.

What you'll do:

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In general, we don't care about resumes and are looking for a true team player who is willing to take on this challenge and grow with us. However, it would be great if you:

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