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Digital Marketing Internship Hybrid, full time

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Leadcamp is changing the way people sell through its leading intent-led sales platform.

Capturing prospect engagement and intelligence allows sellers to easily and effectively gain data-driven insights across all channels to initiate highly personalized sales activities.

Leadcamp's customers benefit from AI-supported intent models that enable targeted and highly personalized multi-channel campaigns. Leadcamp can also automate low-value tasks, signal critical next-best actions, and has multiple features to support sellers throughout the buying journey to drive the highest levels of engagement and long-term customer loyalty.

Remote + Gent office
Job type
Full time internship

How do you reduce advertising expenses and still increase traffic? That's what you'll learn and do yourself in this internship!

Who are we looking for?

As an eager-to-learn digital marketer, your hands-on mentality helps you put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You have great ambitions and are eager to make a real impact in a startup.

What you'll do

As a digital marketing intern, you'll be fighting on all fronts:

These are just a few possibilities, we always listen to the interests of our interns and adjust the tasks.

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