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What's the chance your prospect will buy?

Leadcamp's Heat Score shows sellers the probability of a prospect closing as a customer within the next 90 days. Without any manual analysis or guesswork.

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The Heat Score in detail

Prioritize the highest-intent prospects.

Measuring all prospect engagement.

Dig deeper into the details of every prospect. See how their engagement score is calculated by many events, like interacting with your emails. The Heat Score gives you a comprehensive view of your pipeline, powered by the data from intent signals, content, and sequences.

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Leadcamp's Heat Score in detail

Leverage AI to act as your co-pilot.

Use Heat Score as your virtual assistant that measures all interactions in real-time and understands the context of those interactions. With Heat Score, salespeople gain instant visibility into the buying intent of their prospects.

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Signals Capture all important actions and notifications
Intelligence Get clarity on what's happening thanks to our A.I. and machine learning
Forecasting Know who to contact at the best time and improve sales execution