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Trigger sales engagement.

Manage your sales content through our platform. By tracking all engagement in detail, we can notify you to reach out at the right time so you can win them over.

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Example of content sharing - Leadcamp

Content sharing best practices for sales.

How content usage drives sales.

Add your sales enablement content to your website, Leadcamp can track who's viewing it and capture their email address. you can then track all their engagement across videos and PDFs.

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Content sharing has never been easier.

Leadcamp automatically groups all of your prospects' viewed items in their personal Leadcamp Drive. Measure your prospects' engagement and get notified when and what to send out!

Leadcamp drive automatically groups content for a prospect

Content engagement metrics to see your best-performing content.

This is where marketing meets sales. A sales content management platform that gives you insight into which content gets the most engagement from prospects. This allows you to improve and create the right content to fill your pipeline with more prospects.

Statistics for Leveraging Intent (PDF)

PDF pages are track down to the detail.

Page 01 - Average views 3 - Average time 51s
Page 01 - Average views 1 - Average time 31s
Page 01 - Average views 2 - Average time 76s
Page 01 - Average views 3 - Average time 46s