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Forget Manual Point-based Lead Scoring.

Leverage automatical scoring across multiple customer interactions and multiple channels without doing anything yourself.

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Start Measuring Interactions Today

Remove the guesswork starting with your next interaction. Our score is trained by 14 MILLION interactions.

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Works with Gmail, Google Workplace, and Outlook or Office 365 for Windows

A Plug & Play scoring trained by millions of interactions.

Multiple channels are monitored and combined to one.

Relying on just opens, clicks and response rates is not enough anymore. There are a lot of other things happening out of sight. Our Heat Score monitors your channels, including content and your website, and produces a meaningful score.

No manual point giving but still keep finger on the pulse.

With no manual impact on the score points themselves, you can tell Leadcamp which channels are most important to you.

The score is never influenced by your own actions.

While other scoring tools have a hard time knowing who is really opening your emails or clicking, Leadcamp performs a number of checks to rule out your own activity or bot activity.

The Platform That Goes Beyond Just Scoring

Connect With the Apps You Already Use

Leadcamp works seamlessly with Gmail, Google Workplace, Outlook and various other sales tools.

Automatically map all your leads on our Velocity Pipeline so you never lose touch.