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what is leadcamp?

Engage, capture intent, and close deals.

Leadcamp unifies your sales process and brings all sales efforts together in a single platform. Making sales teams more organized and informed than ever before.

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high intent signals Prospect spent considerable time on pricing page.
meeting follow up You had a meeting with Dan McTings, recap recommended.

Intent-Based Sales Engagement

From reaching out to a prospect, to closing the deal. Go for a seamless sales experience.

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Avatar Neil B

Neil B.
London - Professional training & coaching - 1-10 employees

"If you want to be able to track and have insights as well prompt on which hot prospects to follow up on; Leadcamp fits the bill perfectly."


Al G.
London - Information Technology - 201-500 employees

"Leadcamp is ridiculously easy to deploy (it took about 20 mins!) and just as easy to use. Love the dashboard where our teams can track their prospects easily."

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