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Platform/Intent + Analysis

All the data, none of the effort.

Multiple channels are automatically monitored and interactions are analyzed using machine learning. Always giving you a clear view on prospect engagement.

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Intent capture + Analysis - Sitekick image
Touchpoints in detail - Leadcamp
engagement & analysis

Automatic monitoring of multiple channels.

Opens, clicks and response rates are not enough anymore. There are a lot of other things happening out of sight. Leadcamp monitors all channels, including content and your website, and scores the activity using machine learning and statistical algorithms.

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Score alterations - Leadcamp
score customization

Tailor the importance of your channels.

While Leadcamp's scoring doesn't need any human interference, team can tailor the scoring to their unique situation. Simple give weight to certain important channels and all scores are instantly recalculated.

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Leadcamp content drive
content sharing + tracking

Content tracking was never so easy.

Sellers can share content to social media, email campaigns or other channels in a few clicks and track individual engagement on it. Files can even be embedded on the website, and you can also enable dynamic managed-walls to capture prospects.

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Automation Library - Leadcamp
automation rules

Automate actions based on activity.

While you used to have to closely monitor prospects' activities and decide what they meant, you can now rely on a powerful engine to drive action. You can literally automate everything you now do manually based on prospect actions and their scores.

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