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Platform/Cadence + Automation

Tailored journeys based on intent.

Automate entire email flows and low-value work to reach more buyers, faster. Based on intent and engagement, you can redirect them to follow a different flow or trigger actions.

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The power of intent-based sequencing.

Leadcamp Cadence steps example

Run sales playbooks fully automated.

Run cadences in a streamlined way by customizing the journey based on each prospect's activity and intent. Provide a highly personalized experience while still being able to reach people at scale.

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Touchpoints in detail - Leadcamp
Intent Insights

Understand each prospect's interactions.

Relying on opens, clicks and response rates are not enough anymore. There are a lot of other things happening out of sight. Leadcamp monitors all channels, including content and your website, and produces a meaningful score you can work with.

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Velocity Pipeline - Leadcamp


Map out prospects on their own prospecting pipeline.

With the prospect pipeline, you can easily identify prospects who are heavily engaging or who need more nurturing. The funnel is fully automated based on your interactions and those of the prospect, taking away all the guesswork.

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Leadcamp content drive
content sharing + tracking

Leverage content within your outreach.

The power of adding content within the buying journey cannot be overlooked. With Leadcamp's native library, you can share and track all kinds of content in a few clicks, and adjust your cadence based on engagement.

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Automation Library - Leadcamp
automation rules

Automate low-value sales tasks in 1-2-3.

What if 100 people watch your homepage video? Leadcamp can automatically steer who needs your attention and who can be nurtured in a cadence. Using Automation Rules, you never have to worry about forgetting about prospects.

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