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Sales outreach, reinvented.

Engage with your prospects and view all interactions at a glance. Tap into your prospects' interest.

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Leadcamp email tracking in detail | Leadcamp
Track all your activities

Send out emails and measure prospect interactions. Use our email cadences or inbox extensions to grow your funnel.

Easily share content

No more wandering. Instantly see who viewed your content and capture new prospects when items are opened by unknown people.

Unrivaled pipeline management

With two dedicated pipelines for prospects and opportunities, you have a holistic view of everything that's happening.

Understand what's happening at every level.

If you prefer to engage by email, sending content on social media, or calling, Leadcamp can follow up with each activity. Giving you insights on what is working for you and what needs to be adapted.

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Sequencing beyond just sending emails.

After analyzing prospect behavior, our email sequencing tool can personalize your approach according to the prospects' engagement. You have the option to classify prospects and send them different emails.

interaction criteria reached Sequence follows interacted path from now.
risk Sequence is performing below 30-day average.
Key Account Sequence
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Done-for-you pipeline management is here.

When you engage with a prospect, they are autonomously placed in the appropriate pipeline stage for the rest of the journey. No more dragging and dropping within your pipelines.

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Personalize your outreach, close the deal faster.

With detailed monitoring of your prospects, you can build hyper-personalized outreach that is still automated.

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Capabilities at a glance

Only Leadcamp monitors prospects in detail across multiple channels autonomously.

Email & Sequence tracking

Install our LeadCamp extension on your chrome web browser. It's compatible with Gmail and Outlook. You will be able to add prospects automatically from your email to your list without filling out an extra form. Easy and fast.

Leadcamp inbox extension on Gmail

Document & video tracking

By uploading your content to leadcamp it will automatically be tracked. Get the data insights as soon as you start sharing the leadcamp content URLs or embed them to your website.

Leadcamp content sharing - illustration

Website tracking

Install Leadcamp's tracking snippet on your website, and as soon as that's installed you'll start receiving notifications on your prospect activities.

Visual of Leadcamp's website tracking
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