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Platform/Guided Selling

Proactive guidance to sell more.

Take advantage of an AI-powered copilot that gives you timely alerts and reminders so you'll never be off guard.

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Prospect Gone Silent

Engage with this high quality prospect. No engagement since 06/02/2022 and might be losing interest.

Raffael Smits (Meta Inc.)

Visited page Pricing

50 mins ago

Lorraine Coms (Atlassian)

Viewed Win More B2B Deals

2 hours ago

Franck Davis (Santor LLC)

Opened RE: Your sales goals

4 hours ago

A.I. Scoring

Based on true interactions.

What does it mean when someone watches the pricing page? Are email opens really a signal of engagement? Leadcamp's machine learning powers A.I. algorithms to understand each interaction and return the Heat Score.

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Send meeting follow-up

You had a meeting with Kurt Rigley (Line Inc.) 30 minutes ago.

Don't forget to follow up.

Recommendations engine

Done are the days of analyzing data.

Every email, meeting, piece of content or web page is data. You can't possibly analyze everything as a human being and make sense of it. Machine learning crunches the numbers and guides you on next-best-actions.

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Email alerts

Timely alerts to reach out and follow up on prospects.

Peaking signals

Alerts for prospects that are outperforming expectations.

Risk signals

Deals at risk are never good. You'll never be off guard!

full-funnel intelligence

Accelerate productivity and consistency

Managing 10 prospects at a time is doable, 100 is much less a walk in the park. Leadcamp looks over your shoulder with you to spot risks and opportunities with your prospects.

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