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Leverage Leadcamp's Sales OS in full sync with your Hubspot CRM

Sync data between Leadcamp and HubSpot without manual data entry or time-consuming manual analysis of your prospect's actions.

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Two-way synchronization of data between Leadcamp and HubSpot in real time. Out-of-the-box with default field mappings that are already created for you. Historical sync with existing leads happens on request, and future updates will sync as they happen.

Key Features

Instant trigger from extension

Every email you send from your inbox is automatically synced to HubSpot, even if the person or company doesn't exist there. We automatically create it and push all available info to HubSpot.

Automatic task logging

Leadcamp's Recommendations Engine and custom tasks are automatically logged as an open task in HubSpot when they occur. When Leadcamp notices that you have followed up on them, we will try to complete them automatically.

Enjoy truthful tracking

Never worry about triggering your own trackers again. If you open emails yourself, or want to check if the link you sent is really correct, we won't link that activity back to your lead.

Heat Score trained by millions

Leadcamp's Heat Score trains itself on the data of millions of human interactions worldwide. The score measures multiple channels and its weights can be tailored to your specific business requirements.

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Full activity overview at a glance instead of a scrolling game.

Since leads can perform a wide range of actions while you are communicating with them, you want to make sure you are aware of everything when it is most needed. Leadcamp gives you an instant overview of all channels and to what extent they are engaged with them.

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Done are the days of Manual lead scoring. Enjoy the Heat Score.

Let's completely rule out data bias by not randomly assigning points to certain events. For example, if two people visit your content, but one spends 5x more time than the other, manual lead scoring will not be able to pinpoint this nuance.

Leadcamp prospect scoring in detail

The score is never influenced by your own actions.

While other tools have a hard time knowing who is really opening your emails or clicking on the links in your emails, Leadcamp performs a number of checks to rule out your own activity or bot activity. With this layer of checks, your score will never be affected by yourself.