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Deep Email Tracking and Automatic Analysis of All Email Interactions

Because one-on-one communication is at the core of every sales process. We don't want you to be clicking back and forth. The Leadcamp Outlook integration shows all lead and account information you need.

You can easily add trackable content, it automatically converts every URL you share and keeps track of email opens and replies. Switfly linked to Leadcamp's core scoring and other trackers.

Key Features

Full Email Tracking

With a single checkbox, your entire email, including all the links and content you've added, is fully tracked. Our system will detect whether it is the original recipient interacting with your shared content or someone else.

Tailored Recommendations

Leadcamp tracks your recipients' open and response rates and will make recommendations when it's time for you to follow up or interact. No more manual tasks and follow-up settings.

CRM Syncing

Every email you send from your inbox is automatically synced to your CRM, even if the person or company doesn't exist there. We automatically create it and push all available info.

Templates (coming soon)

Templates are a great way to save time. However, just adding an unproven template can be error prone. Leadcamp's templates show you which templates perform well and suggest which ones you should use.