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A full sync to level up your Outreach sequences and leverage the Heat Score

Sync prospects, accounts and engagement data

Illustration with Outreach + Leadcamp integration

Go beyond Outreach's activity bars and use Leadcamp's Heat Score, fed by Outreach sequencing data to gain meaningful insights.

Start with a two-way synchronization of Prospect and Account data between Leadcamp and Outreach to have everything in-sync. Next, Leadcamp automatically monitors sequence engagement and flags meaningful increases in Heat Scores so you don't have to analyze anything.

Key Features

Beyond the Activity Bars

Every email that goes out with Outreach is automatically monitored by Leadcamp. Every action prospects take, across multiple channels, is analyzed and when meaningful, you are automatically alerted.

Automatic task recommendations

Leadcamp's Recommended Tasks and Activities are automatically created when we see lead engagement increase from an Outreach sequence. This allows you to tailor your efforts to individuals who are too hot to keep waiting.

Full sync of Prospects and Accounts

Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past by syncing prospects from Leadcamp to Outreach and vice versa. When records are created in Leadcamp, that information is automatically shared with the other. If you modify your records, they will be updated in both systems.

Only sync the data you want

You're in control of the data. You can set up one-way or two-way syncing, meaning you can sync data from Leadcamp to Outreach or back and forth between the two apps. The only thing you need is to use the custom field in Outreach to sync exactly the ones you want - and nothing you don't.